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Dog's Visit to the VetConcerned Citizens for Animals works with approximately thirty qualified veterinarians within its service areas, which include Western Massachusetts and the vicinity of Stephentown, N.Y.   If CCA determines that you qualify, you will be mailed a spay or neuter certificate along with a list of participating veterinarians.  CCA is a non-profit organization staffed by unpaid volunteers and totally dependent on donations from the public.  Please keep in mind that spay/neuter certificates are issued only to those people with a genuine financial need.

Please note that the cost of the spay and neuter service does not include the veterinarian office visit and or other medical treatments provided to your pet. Such treatment is to be considered "in-addition" to the cost of spaying and neutering your cat or dog.

FAQ's about Spay/Neuter Certificates

  • How much does a certificate cost for surgery on cats?
    Males: $40.00
    Females: $68.00
    (Prices are subject to change)

  • How much does a certificate cost for surgery on dogs?
    Males: $84.00
    Females: $90.00
    (Prices are subject to change)

  • Are all breeds of dogs and cats eligible?
    All mixed breeds and only pure bred cats or dogs that were not purchased, unless your circumstances have changed significantly.  Determinations of eligibility for purebred cats and dogs will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • How do I know if I qualify for the low-cost spay/neuter program?
You will need to speak to a CCA representative to determine eligibility.  Qualified people will then receive an application. All applications are kept confidential.
  • How do I obtain an application?
    Please call 413-565-5383.   A volunteer will contact you and mail an application to qualified persons.  Carefully review and fill out the application completely prior to mailing.   Applicants are required to send a check with their completed application.   Please do not make an appointment with the veterinarian until you have received your certificate from Concerned Citizens for Animals.

  • If I am approved, will I have to pay additional fees at the veterinarian's office?
    The CCA certificate pays for the entire surgical procedure. You are, however, required to pay for the two pre-sterilization shots (distemper combination and rabies) and office visit fee. Please call the veterinarian's office to discuss costs involved.   The veterinarian may charge an additional fee if your pet is in heat, has had a litter, is pregnant, or weighs over 50 pounds.   Also, please note that a veterinarian participating in this program may refuse to honor a certificate if he/she feels a client could afford to pay the regular fee.

  • What if I am unhappy with the veterinarian or the office staff? Do I contact Concerned Citizens for Animals?
    If you are displeased with the service we appreciate your comments; however, Concerned Citizens for Animals does not warrant or guarantee any services provided by any veterinarian or the veterinarians' agents or employees. Each applicant agrees to hold Concerned Citizens for Animals, Inc. harmless for any act or omission by a veterinarian, or that veterinarian's agents or employees.

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